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He was a really, really nice guy, probably would have been a great boyfriend, and I didn't end up with the other guy, so maybe I should have taken a chance," Hart told Australian TV show star's short-lived romance."Nobody looked as good with wavy blond locks and a thumb ring as Ryan did.

Though I was madly in love with James, my boyfriend of six months by then, Ryan and I spent plenty of time together," she said.

One of his buddies who was a rapper, Slim Kid Tre, had this ring in the bucket of quarters [we were going to use for the peep show], and I was like, "Oh my god, this is an awesome ring," and he was like, "You can have it" and I kept it and wore it forever. I had a great body, [but] the style back then was just looser; it was either almost bare naked, or super loose and baggy.

Eventually, I took it to Erica Courtney, the jeweler, and had her remake it in platinum and diamonds because the silver was starting to bend. Even if you watch old TV shows, everyone is wearing these big pants and it's so weird. He's like, "If I don't have to go, you can do whatever you want." Last night I went to the Billy Joel concert and he was like, "I have no interest, have fun!

TV movie, which served as the pilot for the hit series and starred an entirely different supporting cast. But she has said she ultimately chose to end it—and stop cheating on her boyfriend."He was very sweet.

The film was shot in his native Canada, where he began his acting career as a child. I had a boyfriend at the time but we were smitten and cute and he was adorable.

"It was a terrific distraction from how strongly he smelled of hair product."Wow, Melissa has a good memory!

, and launched a boys' clothing line, King of Harts, inspired by her three sons with her husband, musician Mark Wilkerson.

"It was very dramatic."She said the two "fooled around" in her hotel room that night and made plans to reunite in New York, where her dad had an apartment.

At the same time, her father also began a new career, working as a shellfish wholesaler. She landed the title role, which would change her life forever.

She relocated temporarily to Orlando, Florida, and went on to film 65 episodes over the course of five seasons.

(She also became a vocal Republican and Christian; her next role is in a movie called .] At the time, sexy Leia wasn't really a thing — like, there was no costume other than the white robe with her buns. I have a closet that my dad built me that holds almost everything that I have ever worn. The comments were, 'We don't know what the hell this is, it is a mess. ' Because of that, it made me very gun-shy to do anything sort of risqué, anything showing skin. You're like, "Oh my god, I screwed up, everyone is talking about this, this is so awful." I can't even imagine going to the Oscars as a nominee and feeling fabulous in a dress that makes you feel bigger than life, and then you get crushed by other people's opinions.

I don't know if I will wear this one again, I think it's a little low. This was one of my first times going out to a Hollywood party, my stylist got me this beautiful [Vivienne Tam] dress. I am much more secure and confident in myself now that I don't care what other people say, but it is so funny how one moment can change the course of pretty much the rest of your life.

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