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Over the last 40 years, The Farm has become well known for many things, from natural childbirth and midwifery to healthy diet and vegetarian cuisine, creative arts and alternative technologies to its partnerships and assistance to native cultures.

We choose to live in community where we share our lives and fortunes, good times and hard times.

We’re a unique experimental archaeological site and a fascinating day out, nestled into the rolling South Downs National Park.

Over 4000 contiguous acres are owned by nonprofits such as Swan Conservation Trust, and a growing extended community of friends.

The dynamics of living in community is both challenging and incredibly rewarding, providing each individual the opportunity to express their ideals, leveraged through shared vision and collective intention.

Founded in 1971 on the principles on nonviolence and respect for the earth, The Farm has transformed itself from the largest hippie commune in the world to a modern-day ecovillage and a living example of sustainable living.

The Farm is located on 1750 acres preserved in a trust in Southern Middle Tennessee.

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