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A picture of her kissing happily married Chris Jericho had gone viral on the internet a few years back.Kelly is currently engaged to NHL player Sheldon Souray and hasn’t wrestled for nearly four years.He started his WWE profession on scene of Smackdown as Deacon Batista, an abhorrent implementer for Reverend D-Von.He made his WWE in-ring presentation in a label group match cooperating with D-Von against Farooq and Randy Orton, sticking Orton.

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He acknowledges beefing up for conceivably sparing his life.This couple as a single name: Stephanie Mc Mahon The heirs to the WWE throne of Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon literally had their marriage and/or love story play out on television.After a memorable shotgun wedding that saw Triple H elope with Stephanie against her will, the two began dating in real life and would eventually marry.Rumors spread faster than the weeds that grow in the cracks of every sidewalk we walk upon on a daily basis.Within the wrestling world, fans are the perfect examples of leading the charge of double standards when it comes to their favorite wrestlers and Divas they cheer for relentlessly.

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