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, outraged homosexual activists last week by questioning why marriage redefinition should not apply to single fathers who love their sons and want to enjoy all the tax benefits of marriage.

“What's wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties? The actor has earned a spot on many liberal ‘enemies lists’ by using the micro-blogging site to share his outspokenly conservative opinions on pro-life, family and second amendment issues. Love ≠ Sex.” Summing up his detractors’ comments, he added, “Shorter H8rs: ‘Fathers & sons can't love each other absent sex acts!

In season four of Castle, Baldwin was reunited with former Firefly castmate Nathan Fillion.

He played Detective Ethan Slaughter in the 21st episode called "Headhunters" which aired April 16, 2012.

Smiling through sadness: While the film has a sad storyline - Still Alice follows Julianne's character after she finds out she has early onset Alzheimer's - 55-year-old Alec and the actress shared a laugh as the cameras kept rolling after their kiss Not letting go: Dr.Tall and handsome, Adam was born as Adam Baldwin in Winnetka, Illinois, United States of America. Adam had a deep interest in acting since he was a child.He is an American and is of Irish and American descent. After giving several auditions, he finally won the role of Ricky Linderman in the 1980 comedy drama movie, My Bodyguard. His breakthrough role came in 2002 after he began starring the role of Jayne Cobb in the TV series, Firefly.Best known for his roles in sci-fi series Firefly and Serenity, the petition claims that Baldwin posted on his Twitter linked to videos that revealed private details of a number of female game developers to his 'several thousand followers'.'While we wish Adam Baldwin's attendance in Supanova in Sydney and Perth this June wasn't a controversial issue, it clearly is.We ask for your patience and understanding while we deal with the developments,' the statement said.'Regardless of what the ultimate outcome is please know that we 100% agree with your right, as our fans, to have your say, to share your feelings, to create or sign petitions in the positive or the negative, to protest or support.'Who cares we all have beliefs and what are we turning into an extended US state where the opinions of right or left wing sensationalism is taken for gods right!

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